Kumpulan Pengurusan Kayu-Kayan Trengganu Sdn. Bhd. (“KPKKT“) adopts specific policies to protect the high conservation values in the forests. This includes scientific assessment of species, cultural assessment and conservation plans to protect species or cultural sites that are unique, rare, threatened or endangered. Some of the unique areas are as follows:

  • KPKKT’s concession area has various invaluable tree species, unique and preserved sites. A Chengal tree located in KPKKT’s concession area has been listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as the largest Chengal tree in the world.

  • Chemerong Waterfalls which is situated in the KPKKT’s concession area is the highest in Malaysia. It thunders magnificently down a 305 metres slope that has the potentials as a major tourist destination and recreational area.

  • The Keruing Sarawak (Dipterocarpus sarawakensis), which is also a rare and endangered species, has been found in the KPKKT’s Forest Reserve and has been plotted as a protected area.

  • KPKKT has also delineated some areas exceeding 1,000 metres above sea level as a Totally Protected Area which are not harvestable. These areas will provide natural habitat especially for wildlife sanctuary.
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